HYUNA : A preview of her comeback and thanks to her staff following her fainting spells

After PSY announced the debut of the duo HYUNA and DAWN, HYUNA surprised fans by revealing images of their upcoming music video with a musical preview.

What most surprised the fans was the long message accompanying the images.

« Thanks to those who stayed with me for 48 hours on August 11-14. I can’t say how grateful I am other than saying thank you over and over again. I feel attached to the shooting of this music video and I want to thank my staff again. I usually passed out several times a day so there was an ambulance on set for the first time.

I was having fun dancing but of course I passed out again so I was upset because my body couldn’t handle 100% what I wanted to do. I guess it’s because of me not taking care of it sooner. I was unable to continue filming immediately because my blood pressure was 70/40. But I was relieved when I was home because I had finished filming it. I thought to myself, maybe I’m a little crazy to think like this, but I remembered everyone I loved and was grateful for everything.

I’m the happiest when I’m on stage, so thank you to my team for helping me be the prettiest on stage, and thank you for staying by my side. Thanks for everything and I’m sorry… I’ll take better care of myself.

For my A-ings, I will take the stage until the day I can’t and I will do my best to make you proud. I will eat well and exercise more. Sorry to have worried you. I’m going to go to the hospital on Tuesday and I’m going to get checked out and take some medicine. Thank you for loving me and supporting me when I miss so much. And I really mean it. <3 And… Dawn, I’m sorry. Thank you and I will always love you. »

It seems that the singer has once again pushed her limits : about two years ago, HYUNA spoke publicly about her problems with vasovagal syncope. Her comeback was postponed last year following repeated fainting spells.

HYUNA unveiled the music videos « I’m not cool » and « Good girl » earlier this year. While waiting for her next return, you can support her by going to rediscover them !

This is DAWN‘s first comeback for this year. He revealed the music video « Dawndididawn » in featuring with the singer JESSI last October.

Journalist : Emilie
Translator : Emilie

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