ASTRO : Many wins on music broadcasts for the group

ASTRO released its 8th mini album “SWITCH ON” on August 2nd and then participated in many activities until the end of promotion on August 15.


ASTRO, which came back only four months after latest full album, announced that each member was participating in the creation of the group’s 8th mini album, making fans’ expectations growing a lot. ASTRO recently broke many self records and attracted people’s attention with this August promotions and refreshing summer song.

The group ended its promotion with four wins in music shows and made it to the top of music charts and downloads, winning three Gaon Charts. With this exciting comeback and great results, many fans were rooting for the group and fans from all around the world were motivated to help the group winning 1st places on music shows. The group won on “The Show” on August 10, “Show Champion” on August 11, on “Music Bank” on August 13 and on “Show! Music Core” on August 14. This 8th mini album “SWITCH ON” broke many records and we are confident that the group is going to have many more successful comebacks.

Meanwhile, ASTRO, ended its promotion with title-song “After Midnight” and will still be participating in many activities in the futures.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène
Source: Fantagio Music

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