HYUNA & DAWN: The long-awaited debut of the couple

Singers HYUNA and DAWN will be doing duo activities.

Psy, the head of agency P NATION, posted a photo teaser on social media on August 16th, announcing the duo return of HYUNA and DAWN in September.

The published photo teaser draws attention with Psy wearing sunglasses against a two-tone pink and sky blue background. Both sides of Psy’s sunglasses feature photos of HYUNA and DAWN, heralding their duo debut.

Additionally, the date “2021.09.09 6PM KST” was released and news of HYUNA and DAWN’s return in September was officially announced. The two artists recently finished filming their new music video and will be releasing various content sequentially ahead of their return.

HYUNA and DAWN are the “Wannabe couple” who represent the entertainment industry beyond the music industry. It is the first time that the two people, who have proudly shown their affection, have officially carried out activities as a duo.

HYUNA is a K-pop influencer setting her own trend, and DAWN is a singer-songwriter with a unique sensibility, excellent writing and composition skills. In particular, as both are known for their impressive performances, the expectations for their stage are high.

In November 2019, HYUNA released “Flower shower” and DAWN released “Money” at the same time and proved a “WinWin” trend. Through this album, HYUNA will release an enhanced synergy after their mini-album “I’M NOT COOL” released in January of this year, and DAWN will make a comeback in the music industry after their mini-album “DAWNDIDIDAWN” released in October. from last year.

HYUNA and DAWN will also be communicating on studio Lululala’s reality show “I’m Fine Thank You and You?” as well as their first activities as a duo.

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