VICTON: First successful performance for SEUNG SIK

KANG SEUNG SIK of boy group VICTON has completed his first performance of the musical “I loved you“.


On August 15th, KANG SEUNGSIK of the group VICTON successfully completed his first performance as Yoon Kichul in the musical “I loved you” at the Gwangrim Art Center BBCH Hall, and expressed his feelings through his agency PlayM Entertainment.


“I’m so glad we were able to have our first performance safely, without big issues, and I will be taking lessons from today and trying to come back with better performance in the future. Thank you very much to all Alice (official name of the fan club) who always support us from afar, and I hope you look forward to the performances to come.”

KANG SEUNG SIK, who played Yoon Kichul, a music-loving businessman and a captivating management student, successfully completed his first performance by gently expressing his loving emotions and showing his explosive singing ability. KANG SEUNG SIK made his successful debut as Aaron (An Du Ri) in the live theatrical sitcom “온에어 – 비밀계약 (On Air-Secret Contract)” in April, bringing high expectations for his new challenge to through the musical “I loved you“.


KANG SEUNG SIK is the lead vocalist of VICTON, and he appeared as “Diary” in MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” in 2019, garnering attention with his exceptional singing skills. Since then, KANG SEUNG SIK has shown his presence as a talented artist through various drama soundtracks such as “Find me in your memory” and “My unfamiliar family” and the single project “방구석 캐스팅 (Even after four seasons) “, currently attracting attention for his various personal activities.

Prior to this first musical performance of KANG SEUNG SIK, VICTON managed to take first place in three years since debuting on a music show, successfully completed his first solo concert in Korea last year and his fan meeting for the 4th anniversary of the group.

The musical “I loved you“, with KANG SEUNG SIK will be performed from August 14th to October 31st at BBCH Hall of the Gwangrim Art Center.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PLAYM Entertainment

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