A.C.E: WOW will enlist in September

On August 20, Beat Interactive  posted on A.C.E fancafe and confirmed WOW would be enlisting as a social service worker for his military duty on September 10.

Their statement:


“Hello this is Beat Interactive:

This is a notice regarding military service of WOW member of A.C.E.

A.C.E‘s  WOW received a military notice to report his duty as a public service worker on the 10 th septembre. Duee to health reasons, he will be a public worker for 1 year and 9 months.

We hope for your warm love and support until the day he returns from his duty.

Thank you

Beat Interactive.”

After that WOW posted a handwrinting letter on the fancafe.

“Hello, this is WOW.

You must’ve been surprised by the sudden news. So I’m writing this down after thinking and thinking about how I should start. I want to express my thankfulness to Choice for creating precious memories for the past 5 years and for making my twenties shine the brightest.

Choice gave me happiness and love, as well as specialness that turned my ordinary life into a special life. I think I will never be able to forget that.

From long ago I wonder  about how I can repay every precious memories and warm days and all the love I receive and wanted to become a resting place for Choice. Which was why wanted to be the resting place  in your busy and exhausting lives. I might be  lacking a lot but I hope it was delivered well.

And I’m a little late but I think it’s time for me to rest now.

I’ll take one deep breath and comeback  with a fresher side give a  positive influence to all of you with a fresher resting place. Stay  healthy, energetic and happy.

Please take care of A.C.E Jun, Donghun, Byeongkwan, Chan and of our BEAT family

Thank you for making me a person filled with happiness. I love you.

Please wait just a little bit for me


A.C.E, which WOW belongs to, recently released his new album “SIREN:DAWN” and actively promoted with the title song Higher.”

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive

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