PLAYM ARTISTES: Many wishes for all of you

The artists of PlayM Entertainment warmly greeted Chuseok, the national day.

PlayM Entertainment is receiving enthusiastic responses from fans by posting videos from HUH GAK, APINK, VICTON, BANDAGE and WEEEKLY for greetings from Chuseok on their official channel at noon on September 20.

First of all, HUH GAK, Korea’s leading “ballad singer”, who has recently been praised for various soundtracks and collaboration songs, said, “Hope this will be a good Chuseok when you eat a lot of food. delicious and spend it healthily, finally I can cheer you on while singing good songs.

APINK, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is a K-pop girl group representative of kpop in various fields such as theater and entertainment, and said, “Be like Hangawi, no more and no less! a saying like that. We hope our Panda will also have a generous Chuseok,” and expressed its warm feelings, saying,”For this Chuseok, just eat a lot of delicious, varied and healthy things, comfortably without thinking about a diet.

Additionally, VICTON, who broke its own record in music and album sales earlier this year, showing a strong presence with various personal activities, also drew attention by saying, “We hope you all eat a lot of food. delicious food and have a good Chuseok”, moreover HAN SEUNG WOO, who joined the army in July, also left a message.

BANDAGE, a talented group from JTBC’s “Super Band” also said, “We wish you a safe and healthy Chuseok this year. We will also work hard to prepare great music for you while having a healthy Chuseok.” , adding curiosity for future activities.

Finally, WEEEKLY, who wrapped up its promotional activities with its fourth mini album in August, also smiled with a powerful greeting, saying, “Why don’t we listen to an exciting song and make a wish. together for this Chuseok while looking at the bright full moon?

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn
Source: PlayM Entertainment

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