INFINITE: The end of Chuseok with the members

On this last day of CHUSEOK, the members of INFINITE share their wishes for each other.

For 5 days, Korea has entered the period of CHUSEOK, an important moment in Korean culture but also in Korean life, since it is a holiday period.

For this event, the members of INFINITE, WOO HYUN, SUNG YEOL, SUNG JONG, SUNG KYU and DONG WOO gathered to celebrate a good meal. Shot in three episodes of 10 to 20 minutes each, today we come to the last one. The boys decided, after playing different games in the previous episode, to share a meal by making kimbap and wishing each member their best wishes.

WOO HYUN will send SUNG YEOL his best wishes for a very healthy end to the year as he can now be. For SUNG JONG who spoke to SUNG KYU, he also wishes him good health for the fan meeting he will do next October and for which he is working hard. And he hopes to have more good times with all of the INFINITE members. SUNG YEOL will send SUNG JONG wishes for work for the next year, especially as the maknae turns 30. (funny moment because he will forget to make him bite kimbap). Then comes the turn of SUNG KYU who wishes DONG WOO good health, work and especially the release of a new solo album. Finally, DONG WOO goes to WOO HYUN, to tell him that he is the funniest of the group and that for these last three months that he remains he will be able to return to the front of the stage to take off and shine intensely in 2022.

The members will continue this moment by writing a message for the Inspirits (fans of the group), also having a thought for L who is performing his military service. They will end up exchanging their feelings.

A family moment between the boys who all arrive in their thirties, and where SUNG JONG the youngest of the group no longer hides to “tackle” his elders.

As a reminder, NAM WOO HYUN will be on stage on October 2nd and 3rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube INFINITE

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