BLOCK B: TAEIL is a muse for new kakao TV show

TAEIL from the group BLOCK B creates a special collaboration stage.

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Kakao TV’s original “Hidden: The Performance“, which was released today, showed TAEIL contacting the artist who will collaborate with him.

Among the four teams of muses, TAEIL finds himself on the same team as Hanhae, who was born in 1990, showing awkward and narrow chemistry and held a meeting, with no one-on-one.

In particular, TAEIL got serious attention when videos of prominent contenders such as KTigers, Brother Bean, Guman and Tago were released, and fell in love with all the teams, unable to hide his admiration.

In addition, TAEIL chose the female dance team “LADYBOUNCE” as their top priority, saying: “I want to see a different team because I have no experience of collaborating with other genres“, First competitor to participate before the Hangzoo-Boi.B team. However, with the last two seconds remaining, the screen turns off, causing unexpected laughter.

Hidden: The Performance” is a show that presents the process of creating the world’s only special stage through collaboration with artists from various genres such as dance, song and musical instruments, and is already attracting the attention to the collaborative performance of “Gender Transcendence” by TAEIL.

Kakao TV’s original “Hidden: The Performance” with TAEIL will be released every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm starting today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Seven Seasons

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