AIVAN : Destination Norway for a new cover

AIVAN is still doing his global musical tour and brings us this time in Norway for a cover of « Mirror » by SIGRID.

AIVAN is an artist from the company Evermore Music who made his official debut on July 5th, 2018 with the album « TELL THE WORLD ».

On 22 July 2020, he started a project named Aivan Cover Airline in which he is making a world tour singing popular songs from various countries. He already sang nine covers in nine different languages:

The talent and the unique style of the singer are obvious when you first listen to the cover. AIVAN delivers a jazz chill version of this title that had a pop tune originally.

For the previous covers, the artist had to learn how to pronounce the lyrics but for the first time, he is singing in his native language. Indeed, the singer was born and raised in Canada. He moved out in December 2011 for South Korea because he wanted to become a singer.

If you want to learn more about AIVAN, we wrote an article about him :

AIVAN : His genius will seduce you

If you don’t want to miss his next covers, you can follow him on SNS:
Instagram: @aivan_yl
Twitter: @Aivan_Official
Youtube: AIVAN Official and Evermore Music

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: Evermore Music, AIVAN SNS

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