ONF: Always there for their fans

ONF will return as a full group just before joining the army.


On November 9th, its agency WM Entertainment said, “ONF plans to make a comeback with a new album in early December.” The agency confirmed another high-speed comeback about four months since the release of the summer pop-up album “POPPING”, released in August.

Earlier on the night of November 1st, leaders from ONF, HYOJIN and J-US posted handwritten letters on the official fan café announcing their enlistment. As the boys prepare to join the army at the end of December, this will be the last activity before serving in the army. In particular, all Korean members, who are forced to perform their national defense service, decided to join the military at the same time, making headlines as an idol group.

ONF released its summer pop-up album “POPPING” in August, ranked number two in worldwide Billboard digital song sales with their title track “Popping”, and topped iTunes Worldwide Song Chart and K-pop. Song Chart in the United States for seven days, becoming a “popular boy group” recognized worldwide beyond Korea.

In addition, it topped the major music charts in Korea immediately after its release, ranking number one for three consecutive years, surpassing 10 million views in just two days after the clip’s release and reaching its own sales record. initials.

As such, ONF was appreciated not only for its best performance on each album, but also for its solid storytelling, worldview and unmatched concept.

ONF, which should make its comeback in early December, is currently stepping up its efforts to prepare the new album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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