Friday, December 1, 2023

BABYSOUL / SUNG JONG: The omitted “season’s greetings”

BABYSOUL from the group LOVELYZ will not be part of the “Season’s greetings” after SUNG JONG from the group INFINITE.


The controversy over the discrimination caused by the omission for “Seasons’s greetings” began on November 9th. INFINITE member and Woollim Entertainment artist SUNG JONG posted a message on his Instagram story, saying:

“I have a lot to say, but I won’t.”

SUNG JONG posted an article after Woollim Entertainment announced its sales schedule, saying it will receive reservations for the 2022 season greetings from its artists.

Season’s greetings ads posted by Woollim Entertainment included INFINITE’s GOLDEN CHILD, ROCKET PUNCH, DRIPPIN, KWON EUN BI and NAM WOO HYUN.

The problem is that SUNG JONG was left out in this announcement. NAM WOO HYUN having been quoted, it quickly led to a controversy being part of the same agency and the same group INFINITE.


The name of BABYSOUL is also missing. The group LOVELYZ, whose exclusive contract expires on November 16, has not renewed its contract with the exception of BABYSOUL.

BABYSOUL only renewed the contract with Woollim Entertainment, and Woollim Entertainment also said in a statement: “As support to BABYSOUL who has been with us for a long time, we will spare no support for the new leap forward and the lively activities of BABYSOUL.

Contrary to what BABYSOUL was promised, to provide her with full support, when BABYSOUL was also omitted from “Season’s greetings”, fans were extremely angry because it was discrimination and neglect.

Fans express their dissatisfaction with Woollim Entertainment. Attention is focused on whether Woollim Entertainment will explain the omission of “Season’s greetings” by SUNG JONG and BABYSOUL.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS SUNG JONG, Woollim Entertainment

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