SEVENTEEN: WOOZI, the group’s genius composer

We are November 22nd in South Korea, so it is the birthday of WOOZI, member of the SEVENTEEN group. This is a large group so I suggest you discover a little more about each member through this written portrait.

The member in the spotlight today is WOOZI, the group’s genius composer.

WOOZI was born on November 22nd, 1996, the youngest of all the Hyungs (oldest of the group).

WOOZI is a very introverted person, he doesn’t really like going out of his house. Even when on tour, he prefers to stay in his hotel room rather than going out to visit. WOOZI is not the type to fuss: he eats only what likes him, namely rice and coke, and dresses comfortably when not on sale. Hating to shop, he sends his friends to buy his clothes for him, telling them just what he prefers, so you’ll see WOOZI almost always dressed in shorts, slides and long t-shirts.

He is one of the most greedy members of the group, he is able to eat huge amounts of rice.

WOOZI is a die-hard Marvel fan, has seen all of the licensed films and consistently makes references to the Avengers universe. He has lots of derivative products. He is also a big fan of singer Bruno Mars, he draws a lot from his music to create the songs of the group and dreams of being able to collaborate with him one day. On one show, he made a video message for him and even asked fans, on the Weverse discussion board, to contact Bruno Mars via Twitter and ask if he would agree to work together. His Spotify playlist shows once again how much he loves this artist, but also his interest in Harry Styles and Justin Bieber.

WOOZI joined Pledis Entertainment at a very young age, joining the agency in 2010, at the same time as S. COUPS, when he was 14 years old. Both were to be part of the Tempest group, which never saw the light of day. During the pre-debut days, WOOZI seemed more destined to join the performance unit given his excellent level in dance, which one could appreciate during the improvisation sessions. However, his voice, which is reminiscent of many American singers, brought him into vocal unity. During his training, WOOZI discovered a passion for composing music and writing lyrics, first guided by producer Bumzu, he gradually began to create his own models which he offered to the agency. Bumzu, having detected a great potential in him, lets him do it and it is such that WOOZI starts out as a secondary singer, leader and member of the vocal unit but also producer of a lot of music for the group.

Over the years, WOOZI is more and more praised for his voice by musicians and producers. He is also appreciated for his dance by many professional dancers. He reveals more and more talents, in addition to singing, dancing and musical production, and since his childhood has known how to play various instruments such as the clarinet, the piano, the guitar or even the drums.

In 2017, he also surprises the public, with his drum solo introducing the performance of “Clap” to “Kayo Daechukje“.

On “Knowing Brothers” in 2019, WOOZI reveals to the hosts his aptitude for playing the clarinet by performing a piece of “Della Fantasia“.

During the “Ideal Cut” concert in 2018, WOOZI performed with a solo song, the latter called “What kind of future” will meet a completely unexpected success. Indeed after Korean Internet users (non-fans) and YouTubers who react to Kpop discovered it on the web through fancam, it became a research trend on social networks in Korea. And yet it was never officially released. To this day, many are clamoring for this magnificent ballad to finally have a studio version worthy of WOOZI’s talent.

Fortunately for Internet users, WOOZI regularly posts covers in which we can appreciate his angelic voice.

In 2020, he participated in his first soundtrack, he performed the song “Miracle” for the drama “Tale of nokdu” with Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun. The track was a great success as the song was so beautiful and the singer’s voice was so overwhelming.

We wish him a happy birthday, hoping that this year will bring him success and happiness, both in his professional and personal life and that the group will have another year full of projects.


Journalist: Emmaa1904
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS SEVENTEEN, YouTube

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