SEO EUNKWANG : A multi-talented artist

SEO EUNKWANG is a member of the band BTOB and its subunits BTOB BLUE & BTOB4U.


SEO EUN KWANG was born on November 22nd, 1990 in YONGIN. He has a younger brother called SEO EUN CHONG. He has been the first member of BTOB to enlist for his military service, on August 21st, 2018. He came back on April 7th, 2020, with more motivation than ever.


SEO EUNKWANG was a trainee for 3 years at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. It is the longest possible time for a trainess. He encountered some difficulties during his trainee years : he originally wanted to be a piano singer. Thus, he has been asked to practice dancing by the company, willing to make an idol band, which has never been his dream before. After 3 hard years of practice, he finally got selected to be part of a band to debuts soon.

This is how he became the oldest member and the leader of the band BTOB. Well known for his angelic voice, he can sing high notes without any failure. Even with a hard beginning, SEO EUNKWANG has, since, demonstrated his talent that is now an evidence.

On October 28th, 2017, he sang with his mom at the show “Immortal songs” for a special stage. The song, magnificent, highlights the voice of the two singers.

There is no style he can’t sing. From rap to trot songs, the singer masters all the technics.

He has, in 2020, made a comic duet with his friend and co-member LEE CHANGSUB on a trot song that has, once again, demonstrated his talent. Aside the comic side of the song, the two singers mastered the show.

Multi-talented idol, SEO EUNKWANG already participated to 7 musicals, including “SOMETHING ROTTEN” and “GWANGJU” in 2020, right after his discharge. He has also been MC for ALL THAT CUBE & IDOLE LEAGUE (season 3) and DJ for IDOL RADIO.

Discharged on April 7th, he was releasing his first solo album (“FoRest ENTRANCE“) on June 8th and was performing his first solo concert (online due to Covid-19) on July 18th. He participated to a lot of broadcasts and shown a high motivation to be back on stage.

In September 2016, the first subunit of BTOB, entitled BTOB BLUE, made its debuts with the song “Stand by me“. The unit is composed by BTOB’s vocalists that shows, once again, their amazing talents.

On October 27th, 2020, the subunit BTOB4U, he leads, has been announced and its first mini-album, entitled “INSIDE“, was released on November 16th with the title-track “Show your love“. The concert (online, again), was performed nby the unit on January 23rd, 2021.


SEO EUNKWANG, even with hard beginning, has now a brillant career. On August 13th, 2020, while he’s 30 years old only, it was announced that the singer was now part of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT’s director. He has been assigned as the Director of the Comittee for Artists’ rights and protection.


On November 12th, 2020, few months after he became one of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT’s director, he received a certificate nominating him as YONGIN’s city ambassador, the city where he was born.


SEO EUNKWANG is a kind hearted man who made a lot of donations, supposed to remain anonymous, to different caritative causes. Protestant, he prays a lot, especially when he is nervous (he prays always before a concert) as it helps him to relax.

Leader with a neverending patience, he never gets upset towards the members of BTOB, even when he should. If he sees any conflict, he thinks that a talk can fix any problems. For a lot of different reasons, he is considered as the “father” of the band. He always smiles and made a lot of sacrifices for the band, showing the example for the other members. They consider him as a very good leader, very positive and calm, unless somebody’s safety isn’t ensured correctly. Gifted of a good musical ear, he is in charge of most of the chorus of the band’s songs.


SEO EUNKWANG is a talented and ambitious artist that never disappoints. Just like the other members, he has a lot of humour and an amazing voice. He always puts all his heart in whatever he does and protects his friends. Inexplicable phenomenon, he also loves to aegyo (make cute expressions), which is very entertaining for his fans.

The title-track of his album was “No one knows“. He wanted to write it because, during his miltiary serice, his comrades inspired him a lot. This song is warmful and the message that he wanted to say is “I am here and I understand you. You’re not alone“.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS



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