IKON: End clap for JU-NE!

The shooting of the film « Even if I die, one more time » which began in October of this year, has come to an end. With three shots including a video, JU-NE immortalized his last moments on the set with his co-stars.

Although the title of the film is in hashtags in the idol’s posts, it might still be a working title.

The synopsis of the film is based on Jeon Woo-Seok (Jo Byong-Gyu), a 40-year-old man who earns his living as a stuntman after long wanting to be an actor. After an accident, he finds himself reliving his high school years, allowing him to rethink his dream.

We will see JU-NE on the big movie screens in 2022, playing the role of Bong-Gyun, Woo-Seok’s long-time friend.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: SNS Ju-Ne

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