Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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2AM: A classy and fresh visual in the pages of Singles

Singles, a fun lifestyle magazine for singles, posted a photoshoot with 2AM (Jo Kwon, Lee Chang-min, Lim Seul-ong and Jung Jin-woon), which made a comeback as a band at the full after seven years and came back with stronger and stronger charms.


Even though this was the photo that the four members showed together after a long time, they showed perfect chemistry and boasted of perfect group work among the members who were eclipsed by the long gap.

During the photoshoot, 2AM perfectly displayed a casual look with a cozy feel that underscored the charm of each person, creating a legendary image that added the unique atmosphere of 2AM’s warm visuals and the concept performance. perfect.


Rumor has it that JO KWON in this photoshoot overwhelmed the filming site by shedding his usual playful appearance, bringing a unique atmosphere with chic expressions and gestures and showing the appearance of a master painter. JO KWON recently appeared as a guest for “Street Woman Fighter” and showed a dance as powerful as a dancer in “Heels”. With the incredible title of “A Singer who sings ballads in heels” to “Swoopa” he culminated in building an image for the whole nation and is enjoying his second heyday as “Artist Jo Kwon“. In an interview after the shoot, JO KWON said:

“I don’t want to forget 2AM’s JO KWON role, which just returned after seven years, so I dropped the character of Kkap Kwon for a while and stuck with my main job.”


LIM SEUL ONG, who understood the concept perfectly, directed the atmosphere of the filming site by showing perfect harmony with the staff with masculine looks and sultry poses for each shot. LIM SEUL ONG participated as producer for the visuals and for the music of the 2AM album. Following various meetings, I was able to receive songs from Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk I could think about it for months.

“It’s hard to be solo, but I realized that the situation had changed when we got back together. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to make the charts after this comeback, but I was so happy to have listeners listening to me.”,

he repeated again through this interview.


After being demobilized from military service, JUNG JIN WOON began to activate seriously before 2AM returned and grew step by step as an actor. He also devoted his passion to the preparation of the activity of 2AM, declaring:

“I was stressed out that I was lacking in effort compared to my “brothers” every time I performed, so I took a lot of lessons and desperately trained to get into the military band. As a result, I was very touched by the members’ stories that their singing has improved a lot from seven years ago.”

In the interview, JUNG JIN WOON said: “It is my wish to make high quality music for a long time. There is still a story hidden in it that 2AM has not yet finished”.


LEE CHANG MIN, who still qualifies as “대한민국 최초 의 군필 돌 (Korea’s First Military Idol)“, has grown into a mid-size idol in his 14th year of career, but his passion for music and the stage remains. same. LEE CHANG MIN said:

“I tried to remove the excess tension from my previous appearance when singing high notes and relearn them with a voice less heavy on my neck so that I could make old sound and with a current voice. I’m glad my abilities have expanded further.”

Additionally, this year’s goal is to walk the path he has maintained for 14 years as his main job, writing songs that he himself uses so far. “To be more greedy, my dream is to establish a stable position. As a producer who is not limited to the genre,” he added.

2AM, which is a full band for the first time in seven years, topped the music charts with the release of their new opus on 1st and charted all songs on the album.

In the meantime, this pictorial visual, which smacks of the soft and comfortable atmosphere of 2AM, can be found in the December issue of Singles.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Singles

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