NADA: Promotion starts today

NADA, which made her comeback on the 29th of last month, will begin its full-fledged promotional activities with her new song “Bulletproof” starting today.


On that day, NADA’s agency, World Star Entertainment, said, NADA will begin its promotional activities in earnest by appearing today on music shows from KBS, Music Bank and MBC, Music Core tomorrow. , impatiently, to the scene of “Bulletproof” which we have prepared with all our hearts.

According to the agency, NADA will grab viewers’ attention with her charismatic, perfectly synchronized dance that creates harmony with the team of dancers as well as her heavy and powerful singing skills throughout the stage of this comeback.

In particular, it is rumored that the artist is confident in the completion of the performance as she worked hard with BBTRIPPIN, a team of choreographers who were involved in the creation of Hyuna’s performance, “I’m not cool“, Ailee “Don’t teach me“, and “Eternal sunshine” by ATEEZ.


After the single “SPICY” released in July, NADA, who made a high-speed comeback with “Bulletproof” only after four months, continues to work hard this year and gradually builds up her position.

On the 29th of last month, NADA released a new song called “Bulletproof”, which gives a strong sense of immersion right from the intro of the song which begins with the sound of the flow of the artist’s voice.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: World Star Entertainment

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