TRENDZ: The group finished its first presentation

Rookie group TRENDZ have announced its full entry into the K-pop industry.

From November 30th to December 2nd, profiles of seven members were posted on TRENDZ’s official SNS (Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, HAnkook, Ra.l, Eunil and Yechan), garnering attention.

The older HAVIT, which was first unveiled, grabbed attention with an atmosphere showcasing his unique childish beauty, while LEON and YON WOO, who gave off a chic and intense impression, created the warmth with their sophisticated visuals.

HANKOOK then displayed a gentle gaze and sharp jaw like any good leader, while RA.L and EUNIL respectively shot at the hearts of women with dreamy aura and pure eyes. Finally, the youngest YECHAN caught the eye of the spectators by showing off his manly charisma like the other members.

Showing off these profile photos, TRENDZ posted profile videos to its official channel at noon the same day, showing off another dazzling visual style and trend.

The published videos take place in a photo studio and show a variety of charms by offering a personalized style for the seven people, bringing a new aspect to the simple photos. In particular, the members made skillful facial expressions and poses that were unlike those of rookies.

TRENDZ, who showed a different aura and charm as well as seven diverse profiles, immediately expanded its fandom internationally.

Fans around the world admire the profile of TRENDZ, which has shown its “full group” aspect with covers from artists BTS, NCT U and Stray Kids even before its official debut, with hot returns such as “My favorite is here“, “Love it“, “Have a nice and cute start” and “My life has started to shine right now.

In particular, fans, who have followed JTBC’s “Mix Nine” audition program, celebrate with enthusiastic cheers such as “It’s been a long time for HAVIT, congratulations on your debut,” HAVIT and LEON are finally going to make their debut. debut” and HAVIT, LEON and HANKOOK finally debut together, fighting“.

TRENDZ, which sparked enthusiasm for its debut by posting all the news about its appearance in the music industry and the profiles of its members, consists of seven people, including HAVIT, LEON, YONWOO, HANKOOK, RA.L, EUNIL, YECHAN, and is expected to become a key player in K-POP representing Generation Z.

As such, TRENDZ, the rookies of Interpark Music Plus, is stepping up preparations for the January 2022 target and plans to increase fans’ heart rates through various content.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Interpark Music Plus

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