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Here’s a summary of what happened in B.I.G‘s news, this week.


B.I.G is a group under the GH entertainment, they made their debut in 2014 with the song “Hello”.
B.I.G have stood out thanks to their covers of arabic songs since 2019 but the group also covered some other foreigner songs as the japanese song “Lemon”GUNMIN and HEEDO also participated to the cover of the song “Con Calma” made by the group 3YE. Also now, GUNMIN is a member pf the japanese-korean group, NIK, from the program, G-EGG.
B.I.G and 3YE teamed up to form a new group, TRIPLE7, and made their debut with the song “Presente”.

Tuesday, November 30th

The boys continue the promotion of their comeback “Flashback”, earlier this week they performed on the set of THE SHOW.

In addition, a fancam of each member during a performance of “Flashback” has been posted on their Youtube channel. Now it’s up to the fans to make a choice and enjoy the videos.

Moreover, B.I.G participated in the Idol Radio show, episode 33. On the Youtube channel of the show we can find excerpts of the passage of the boys, including JINSEOK performing a trot, and HEEDO demonstrating his talents in a rap.

Tursday, December 2nd

“Flashback” ‘s MV reached one million views, the boys thanked the fans for their dedication and love for the song.

Also, B.I.G posted a Funny version of  “Flashback”, people can enjoy this video right now.

Friday, December 3rd

At the Simply Con Tour last month, B.I.G presented a revisited version of their song “Hello” live. In the continuity, the boys have posted a video performance of this version 2021 on their Youtube channel. “Hello” brings back many memories to the fans, indeed “Hello” is the song with which the group debuted in 2014, so it is with nostalgia and joy that the BIGINNING (name of B.I.G‘s fans of ) could rediscover this song.

Saturday, december 4th

The sixth episode of B.I.G‘s comeback documentary has been posted on Youtube. In it, the boys continue to open up about their thoughts, this is the Epilogue of this serie of episode.

Journalist : Chris
Translator : Chris
Source : BIG SNS, Idol Radio SNS

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