Friday, December 1, 2023
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XDINARY HEROES: Latest pics before debut

JYP Entertainment‘s rookie group XDINARY HEROES have released new photos for its debut.


While yesterday the group unveiled the teaser of its first MV, for the debut single “HAPPY DEATH DAY“, today the 6 members, of XDINARY HEROES, publish new individual and group photos.

At midnight on November 5th, the band first released a music video teaser for its first digital single and title track “Happy death day“.

The video teaser begins with the six members holding musical instruments appearing at a fun birthday party. The adults gathered to celebrate the anniversary suddenly froze, looking up at their cellphones when the candles went out even though they had applauded with a big smile. Then the members of XDINARY HEROES, on stage, surprised everyone by wearing colorful costumes and makeup reminiscent of clowns and shouting “Happy day of the dead“, not “Happy birthday“. The sound of the group, which explodes with a tense rhythm, further maximizes the unexpected charm of the teaser.

Today, December 6th, individual photos, in which the members pose in all-white outfits with their favorite instruments, on a very urban background with a yellow “X” tagged, fix their gaze on the lens and attract strongly attention for their debut which will be that same day. In addition on the two group photos, on which the instruments have disappeared, the group appears as a dance group with a very strong charisma and striking attitudes.

XDINARY HEROES‘ debut song, “Happy death day,” was written and composed by members JUNGSU and GAON, while star K-pop songwriters Shim Eun-ji and Lee Hae-sol added a twist to improve the perfection of it.

JYP J’s artist label studio (STUDIOJ) will release its new band XDINARY HEROES with its first digital single “HAPPY DEATH DAY“, the second boy band to be released after DAY6. A total of six members, including lead bassist JOOYEON, keyboardists ODE and JUNGSU, guitarists GAON and JUHAN and drummer GUNIL, will open a new chapter in “K-Bands” with a unique worldview, solid skills and colorful performances, giving exciting satisfaction to domestic and foreign music fans.

The XDINARY HEROES‘ first digital single, “HAPPY DEATH DAY” and the title song of the same name will be released at 6pm on December 6th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS JYP

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