EXCALIBUR: Three new arrivals

While the encore performance of the great national creative musical “Excalibur” has been confirmed, a poster of the characters of the newly created new cast has been released.


EMK Musical Company, the production company of “Excalibur”, presented posters of the main characters on December 6th, announcing the arrival of KIM SUNG KYU, KIM SO HYANG and KEI.

In Seoul’s “Excalibur” encore performance, KIM JUN SU as Arthur, LEE JI HOON, ENOCH, KANG TAE EUL as Lancelot, SHIN YOUNG SOOK, JANG EUN A as Morgana, MIN YOUNG KI, SON JUN HO, as Merlin, CHOI SEO YEON as Guinevere, LEE SANG JOON as Wolfstan and KIM JONG MOON and LEE KYUNG SOO as Hector.

KIM SUNG KYU has been active in the musicals “Gwanghwamun Sonata“, “All shook up“, “Amadeus” and “Kinky Boots“, in addition to music and entertainment. Fans are looking forward to how KIM SUNG KYU, who has established himself as a talented musical actor by proving his talents as a singer and actor, will play the role of “Arthur”.


KIM SO HYANG and KEI were named as “Guinevere”, a brave warrior with excellent archery skills. KIM SO HYANG was a pioneer with her own genre, moving from stages to big theaters, including the musicals “Marie Antoinette“, “The man who laughs“, “Mozart!” and “Marie Curie“. Ever since she starred as “Guinevere” in the first performance of “Excalibur,” fans have been keen on news of her appearance in this encore.


KEI, who will be joining “Excalibur” for the first time, is expected to gain attention as the first activity of her solo career following the breakup of the Lovelyz group.

The musical “Excalibur” is a work depicting Arthur, a character with the fate of a king, overcoming agony and confusion and growing up, reinterpreting the legend of King Arthur, a mythical hero who protected ancient England.

The Seoul musical “Excalibur”, which will debut on January 29th next year after being performed in Jeonju, Daejeon, Daegu and Seongnam, will once again welcome audiences to the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts here March 13 next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: EMK

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