NEWS: A crisis and a new infection

South Korea faces several challenges at the same time.

While the government has launched since November the “living with the covid”, in order to gradually remove restrictions, South Korea is also subject to the increase in the number of cases, going up to around 5,000 per day ( positive case), these figures are the highest since the start of the epidemic in the country.

Faced with this progression, the government with the health authority had to apply new measures again and in particular to return to “physical distances”, preventing the passage to the second phase of “living with the covid”. Places considered to be at high risk of contamination, saunas, bars and sports halls as well as these newly added, restaurants, cafes, private institutes, cinemas, study rooms and museums must request a “vaccination pass” or a negative test result.

The government is trying to stop this new wave as quickly as possible through vaccination and self-tests.

In addition to this, Korean media reports that a new case of highly pathogenic avian influenza, a virus affecting chickens, bringing the total number of cases detected to 10. With South Korea being a big consumer of birds, the government will quickly begin an emergency inspection of all chicken farms across the country to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Yonhap news

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