Tuesday, October 3, 2023

MOON BYUL: A few lyrics to keep you patient

MAMAMOO’s MOON BYUL released the lyric preview for her new album, raising the pressure for her comeback.

At midnight today, MOON BYUL presented a “lyrical” poster for the first pre-single “G999” from her third mini album “6EQUENCE” via her official SNS.

The posted photo shows MOON BYUL and rapper Mirani acting cute with a swag look. The style that stimulates Newtro’s sensitivity doubles the pleasure of recalling the animated characters Pororo and Loopy. Additionally, on the poster, the lyrics “지금 내 기분은 1이 빠진 99 / 네가 채워 줄래 어서 빨리 59” appear, amplifying the curiosity for the new song “G999”, which uses numbers to express things in a way fun.

As such, MOON BYUL has released a series of image teasers and posters with lyrics, starting with the cover image of the pre-single “G999” with Mirani, heralding fantastic chemistry, leading the expectations of fans at the highest.

MOON BYUL will release a pre-single “G999” in collaboration with Mirani on December 13th. As the first single from the third mini-album “6EQUENCE”, which will be released in January next year, MOON BYUL is expected to spark newtro enthusiasm in the music industry again through the “G999” after attracting the be careful with the concept of two faces per person. In particular, music fans pay great attention to the combination of MOON BYUL, who has a unique attractive rap, voice, and excellent performance skills, and Mirani, the first female rapper to qualify for the semi-final through at Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 9”.

MOON BYUL will release her third mini album “6EQUENCE” on various music sites in January of next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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