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ATEEZ: They tell us about this EP in an interview

ATEEZ is releasing its debut EP album “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” today.


This album covers the latest series “Fever” and includes a total of 10 tracks, including the double-titled songs “Turbulence” and “The real” to show the varied charm of ATEEZ.

For this outing, ATEEZ presented the news, its activity objectives and even sent messages by answering a few questions:

Q1. This is a quick comeback after the activities of “ZERO: FEVER Part 3”. What do you think of the release of “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”?

HONG JOONG: I’m glad it’s an album that covers this year. In particular, I felt like I was preparing a surprise gift by doing the music the fans wanted to hear and the scenes they expected.

SEONG HWA: First of all, I’m very touched to finish the “Fever” series. By allowing the fans to listen to these albums, I felt that “ATEEZ grew with them”.

YUN HO: I’m happy to release the new album, and I think I can have fun with all the composition of the album and the songs.

YEO SANG: I’m so happy to be able to show “The real” as a double title with the song “Turbulence”. The clip was exciting and fun as well, so I’m very happy to show it to you.

SAN: I’m so happy that the time to show the stage to our fans is just around the corner.

MIN GI: I started working on rap after listening to the song “Turbulence” and I was like, “I really want to play this song this year”, and I’m happy that my wish came true.

WOO YOUNG: I’m proud to have had good results this year thanks to our fans, and I’m delighted to see you again so soon in return for your generous love.

JONG HO: I always feel new and excited, and although the preparation period was shorter than for the other albums, we worked really hard to show you better quality and great performances, so look forward to us on stage, ATINY!


Q2. This contains 10 tracks. Introduce us to the kind of album “Zero: Fever Epilogue” is.

HONG JOONG: As we end the “Fever” series with “Zero: Fever Epilogue“, I think it will be an album as a year-end giveaway for our fans because we put all the stories that we don’t have for you told before.

JONG HO: In a nutshell, it’s an album that ends the “Fever” series. In the teaser content, we wanted to show the graduation vibe while holding a diploma and wearing a graduation hat. Hope you can feel the process of introducing and finishing the passion and youthful wandering in this album.


Q3. What was the most important part during the preparation of “Zero: Fever Epilogue”?

SEONG HWA: In this epilogue, I thought I should convey my feelings as well as the message of the song, so I paid a lot of attention to this part.

WOO YOUNG: I hope our music and our stage will have a positive impact on the fans and the audience, and I hope this part is well conveyed.


Q4. Can you also present the messages contained in the double-titled songs “Turbulence” and “The Real”.

MIN GI: I wanted to tell everyone listening to “Turbulence” about their journey to find their own answers in this ultimate “Fever” series post. It contains a message of comfort that I can sympathize with, although it is not grandiose. And in the clip, the scene where WOO YOUNG is flying skyward on a wire is a big scene.

SAN: Humility or courtesy, through “The real“, I wanted to draw the story, “The interior style, the style of ATEEZ.” It’s a very “exciting” song with the harmony of traditional instruments and trap hip-hop rhythm.

Q5. What is your favorite part or point in “Zero: Fever Epilogue”?

YUN HO : I like the part of “Be with you” the most,  “꽉 쥔 두 손 펴지 못하고 버텼을지“.

YEO SANG : Personally, I remember using a new tone and a new singing method when recording “Turbulence”. In particular, in the sentence “떨어지네 waterfall / 끝이 없는 free fall“, YUN HO sang in a high tone and I immediately followed in a low tone, and I liked that part.

WOO YOUNG: In addition to the new songs, there are songs that were performed on the “Kingdom” competition stage, and there are songs that were recorded, basically in Japanese, in Korean for the first time. times. I think it will be an album where you can go back in the footsteps of the “Fever” series that started last year.

Q6. Do you have any anectdotes during the preparation period for this comeback, such as recording the album or shooting the video?

HONG JOONG: When I was shooting the music video for “The real”, I felt awesome when I walked on set wearing a hanbok and calligraphy hung here and there, and I can’t forget that feeling. And looking back on the last two years spent browsing the “Fever” series, during the work period it was a significant period of preparation re-recording and writing new lyrics.

JONG HO: The lyrics to the chorus of “Turbulence” touched me, so I remember going to a take with that emotion. Especially in the passage “듣고 있나요 누군가 (Is anyone listening?)“, I remember taking that emotion and doing it in one take.


Q7. The 7th mini album “Zero: Fever Part 3” first entered the US Billboard’s 200 main chart in 42nd place, and this time the music video for “Turbulence” reached 10 million views in 17 hours. despite the pre-release. How did you feel when you heard the news?

HONG JOONG: Whenever I hear this news, I am very grateful to the ATINY. I think the fans are proving that our path is not bad. Rather than the burden of doing well in the future, I gained the confidence that I could do well in the future and made it a new motivation.

SEONG HWA: I am very grateful to the fans. I think it’s our responsibility to present good performances and good songs to match these awards.


Q8. It has been a harder year than ever. What would you say to yourself to finish 2021?

YUN HO: I think more than anyone else you’ve worked hard, and you’ve done a great job and let’s keep up the good work! Members, family and staff, thank you for your hard work this year!

MIN GI: You have worked so hard, and I would like to tell you not to forget to thank your entourage because all of this is an accomplishment that can be achieved through the ATINYs and the members.


Q9. Kicking off with a performance in Seoul in January, the 2022 “THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END” World Tour is in advance. Tell us how you are feeling?

HONG JOONG: Unexpectedly, the deadline has been delayed by two years, I’m sorry and thank you for waiting. We are going to perform better and better, so look forward to it!

SAN: We’re ready to show you where ATEEZ is good at. We’re going to prepare ourselves hard to make you think, “Yep, that was ATEEZ and show you a performance that fans will be proud of.


Q10. Do you have any goals or resolutions you want to achieve through this album promotion?

HONG JOON: I feel so good just because it’s an album that I can enjoy more with the fans, and I hope it will be an album that gives ATINY confidence as an “ATEEZ fan”.

SEONG HWA: For the track “Turbulence” and “The real” I have a lot of conviction and hope in these tracks, I hope these things will be delivered well to all who listen to our music.

YEO SANG: Through this album, I want to make ATEEZ known more to the public and I think my goal is to give comfort and pleasure to ATINY. We are also going to work hard on this album. Thank you for supporting us!


Q11. A word to the fans who have been waiting for you!

HONG JOONG: An album that I really wanted to brag about while preparing it has finally been released! I am so happy and thank you for waiting for us. We will keep fond memories with better songs and scenes in the future, so we would be grateful if you could trust us and continue browsing with us.

SEONG HWA: ATINY, thank you very much. I am so happy to share this kind of music with you. I think youth can be anytime, so hope you enjoy this youth with us.

YUN HO: Even if you wait and still support us, we will always make a “cooler” scene. I love you!

YEO SANG: Through this album and these performances, we will do our best to keep good memories with the ATINYs. Thank you.

SAN: We will continue to show you great performances, so ATINY don’t worry about anything just stay behind ATEEZ and follow us. I love you.

MIN GI: Thank you for your love and I promise to be always cooler and more proud of me. Thank you.

WOO YOUNG: Dear ATINY, my name is WOO YOUNG. I hope you will enjoy “Zero: Fever Epilogue” very much and I hope you have a good end of the year with us. Thank you and thank you.

JONG HO: Even though you expect us and still love us, we also said that we will reimburse you with our albums and our stages, and we will continue to keep that promise, to grow and develop further. Thank you.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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