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25 Best K-Pop Songs of 2021: Critics ’Picks by the Billboard

Billboard has revealed its top 25 kpop tracks for 2021.


Billboard, the famous American magazine in which all artists dream of being mentioned, has unveiled on its website the 25 kpop songs, which for it, are the best of the year 2021.

Among these 25 titles we find groups of girls including (G) I-DLE, TWICE or even STAYC. (G) I-DLE with “Hwaa” are in 24th place, the STAYC group which caused a sensation is ranked 23rd with its title “Asap”, TWICE with “Scientist” are ranked in 19th place, the FROMIS_9 group , which has changed agency, ranks 12th with the title “We go” and finally the AESPA group ranks second with “Next level“.

The female solo artists are not left out because ROSE is in 25th place with her title “On the ground“, WENDY with “Like water” is in 23rd place, LISA and “Money” is in 20th place, JEON SOMI for “Dumb dumb” comes in 18th place, TAEYEON with “Weekend” in 16th place, singer YOUNHA with “Stardust” is in 13th place. The singer HEIZE is positioned in the TOP 5, in 5th place with the title “Happen” released in May 2021. IU for her comeback with “Lilac” is in the TOP 3 in 3rd place.

As for the male gender, the only solo to appear in this ranking are the singer WOODZ with his title “Waiting” in 14th place and CHANCELOR with “Midnight” which is featuring with Gaeko.

A trio is positioned in this ranking since we find the AKMU duo with the singer IU for the title “Nakka” in 11th place.

In terms of boy groups we find of course very popular groups like BTS, SEVENTEEN, NCT DREAM but also a new group which made its debut this year EPEX. The EPEX group is making a place with “Lock down” in 21st position, ATEEZ and its title “Deja vu” is in 17th place, SEVENTEEN are classified in 15th place for the title “Ready to love“. To start the TOP10 we have CIX with the title “Cinema” in 10th place, STRAY KIDS rank in 9th place with “Thunderous”, NCT DREAM with “Hot sauce” in 7th place, BTS rank in the TOP 10 in 6th place with the title “Butter” and in the TOP 5 we find the boys of ONEUS with their title “Luna” in 4th place.

For the Billboard the title which ranks in 1st place is that of the group TXT,0X1 = LOVESONG (I know I love you)“, released at the end of May of this year the 5 boys of the group managed to be exported across the Atlantic.

And you, what are your favorite songs from this year?

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Billboard

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