VAV : LOU turns 25 years old.

A few days before X-mas, we are celebrating VAV‘s main rapper, LOU !

instagram of @lou.vav

Kim Hosung, aka LOU was born on December 21st 1996. For the people who might struggle to recognise him, he is the tallest member of VAV. In fact, he is part of the 10 tallest idols with his approximately 190cm. LOU is the member in charge of speaking english in the group, he speaks fluently english and he is also currently learning Chinese with the help of his leader ST.VAN. He is part of the VAV members who used to live abroad. Born in Seoul, he spent a small part of his childhood in Atlanta, USA, and later when he was 17 years old, he moved the the Philippines, to come back mater in South Korea. It’s also the only member of the group who is still following a university degree, he is currently studying acting. It is said that LOU akways dreamed of becoming an actor, which explains his university degree, but also his role in the web drama “Lemon Car Video” in 2018.

instagram de @lou.vav

Although he doesn’t forgets about his dream of becoming an actor, LOU doesn’t forget his main passion which is music and composition. With his low voice and his piano skills, he debuted at the same time as AYNO and ZIU, as the new VAV members with the song “Venus” on February 17 2017.

LOU is an introvert who needs time to adapt to new people and new things, he likes to take his time, spend time watching movies and listening to music, and even if he doesn’t say it much, he is a true romantic. He is, like almost every member of VAV, a talented composer, we had the chance to see it with his solo song “Good night” or more recently his song “You taught me love” inspired by the movie “A star is born”. In 2020 he also gifted us a duet with ST.VAN entitled “Will Be Fine” which was written and composed by the two men. He also started to work as a runway model during the Seoul Fashion Week 2020 for the brand BY D BY, with JACOB.



In contrary to the other members, LOU is not really active on his SNS, we understand it because of his heavy schedule, but fans appreciate that he always finds ways to make up for his absence, he does lives where he interacts a lot with fans. It happens sometimes that he makes lives where he does some handcrafted things such as little soaps shaped as bears (if you remember this, it was the same day where AYNO ate one, thinking it was a gummy bear.). He also appears from time to time in the members’ lives or videos, like in JACOB‘s lives on Douyin since they are sharing the same room together with ZIU, or in ST.VAN‘s tiktoks when they both are in the music room. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have much free time, he always manages to spend time with fans and come up with new content, in lives, or with compositions or little messages on the fancafe.

So today we do send our best birthday wishes to LOU, and we wish him a lot of success in his life and in his studies ! We can’t wait to see what he is up to in the future !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator : Solenne
Source : VAV’s SNS

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