BIGFLO : SUNGMIN makes his solo debut

SUNGMIN of BIGFLO made his solo debut today with the song « Lean On me ».

SUNGMIN is a singer and a performer who made his debut in 2012 with the group A-BLE before joining BIGFLO in 2017. Even though the group is officially on hiatus, the three members, EUIJIN, SUNGMIN, and LEX, are focusing on their solo activities.

That’s the case for the artist who came back a few months after being released from the military with his first solo track named « Lean On me ».

The melody is soft and melancholic. In the MV, we can even see the singer slightly crying. As for the lyrics, they are about a person facing difficulties, looking for comfort and someone to lean on.

The song was written and produced by SUNGMIN himself. And we can feel that he brought emotions as well as a lot of sensitivity in it.

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence

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