Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ONF: “Beautiful beautiful” number 1 for the end of the year

ONF‘s “Beautiful beautiful” had the honor of winning first place in the “Best K-pop Track 2021“.


Based on an article titled “The best K-pop tracks of 2021″ published on DAZED’s official website on December 20 (local time), the title track from “ONF: MY NAME“, the first full length ONF album released in February, was selected as No. 1.

Regarding “Beautiful beautiful“, which dominated with its music video, “There is a heartwarming message between the rugged town in the clip and the punk-influenced pop dance, saying: Be yourself in a world that is trying to make yourself fit into its own standards, and love yourself.

The thrill of the chorus screaming while taking in the emotional and rebellious power of this message makes my heart beat faster,” it said.

Beautiful beautiful” is a song with a positive message “My whole life is art, and I am more magnificent than anyone“, breaking the initial sales record, reaching the top of the national music charts, and achieving its first place No. 1 with its music since its debuts. The group also topped iTunes’ best K-pop song charts in the United States, placing second in sales in the week of its New York release, and also placed in the top 10 in Seven. countries and regions, of which No. 1 in two countries.

ONF topped the charts on major national music sites with their new album “GOOSEBUMPS” released on December 3, and topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 16 regions and countries around the world. Moreover, it once again broke its own initial record, proving its relentless rise.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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