LOONA: CHUU advertising icon

CHUU, from the LOONA group, was selected as the advertising model for ramen and became the #1 love appeal in the advertising industry.


According to Blockberry Creative, the group’s agency, on December 24th, CHUU was selected as the new advertising model for Nongshim Neoguri’s ramen brand.

In this commercial, CHUU appeared with dancer Aiki, who gained attention on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” show and met the general public. In the posted video, CHUU and Aiki, of different styles, caught the audience’s attention with their fresh and different chemistry.

CHUU is active in the advertising industry as well as in music and entertainment with a bouncy charm worthy of its qualifier “Vitachuu”. In particular, CHUU continues to act tirelessly by promoting various advertisements such as chicken, games and cards, as well as brands of ionic drinks. CHUU will be newly selected as the “Raccoon Girl” where only popular stars have performed, and positive synergy is expected in clearly proving her presence as a “popular icon”.


CHUU de LOONA, is present not only in musical activities, but also through a number of entertainment programs such as “Steel troops” and online content “CHUU can do it”, she has shown her talent. and a sense of fun and is brilliantly active in all of these areas.

LOONA, to which CHUU belongs, is gaining popularity at home and abroad through activities with its albums, soundtracks, shows, commercials and photos.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Block Berry Creative

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