Thursday, September 28, 2023
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KI HEE HYUN: Her new expected service

DIA’s KI HEE HYUN showed her strong presence in “Love and Wish”.


KI HEE HYUN appeared in RAMA’s CINE, “Love and Wish,” which airs on Kakao TV on December 24-25. “Love and Wish” is the debut work of Ine, the authoritative author of Kakao Page’s romance, and has attracted 1.5 million subscribers with stories that teens and young people in their twenties can deeply enjoy. identify, describing the fresh love, friendship and pain that teens and high school students can feel.

KI HEE HYUN, who first appeared, in earnest, from episode three, played the role of Joo Hong-yeon. As the ex-girlfriend of Seung-Hyu, the male protagonist, she gained attention by directing events related to Eunha and increasing the tension in the drama.

KI HEE HYUN, who debuted as a member of girl group DIA and made a strong impression with stable acting through web drama “Love in Blackhole”, showed impressive acting through “Love and Wish“, raising high expectations for her future performance.

Love and Wish”, featuring KI HEE HYUN, can be found on Kakao TV.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pocketdol Studio

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