WJSN: SEOLA and YEONJUNG participate in the soundtrack of “Best mistake 3”

SEOLA and YEONJUNG of the group WJSN will participate as the lead vocalists of the soundtrack for the drama Whynot “Best mistake 3“.

At 6 p.m. on January 4, SEOLA and YEONJUNG’s100 Percent” soundtrack for the drama “Best Mistake 3” will be released on various music sites.

100 Percent” Sung by Both Artists is a synth-pop genre song with a refreshing sound and portrays the romance of Kim Yeon-du (Lee Eun-jae) and Ji Hyun-ho (Kang Yul), who started off university life. The lyrics containing honest feelings in a refreshing melody plan to bring out the love more in the drama.

In particular, the unique and appealing voice and falsetto of SEOLA and YEONJUNG not only enhance the sweet atmosphere of “100 percent“, and was also inserted from the end of the first episode of “Best mistake 3” captivating the ears viewers.

Earlier, SEOLA and YEONJUNG met listeners as part of regular musical work. SEOLA participated in the soundtrack “Happy ending is mine” for the web drama “Love in blackhole“, in which she appeared as an actress, as well as the soundtrack of the online action-RPG game Elsword, with “In the violet hour”, and regularly broadens her musical spectrum.

As for YEONJUNG, she also shows strong musical activities such as drama soundtracks like, as well as album remakes and collaboration music, and cover content with different vocal colors.

WJSN will also meet the public in 2022 with multi-purpose activities that encompass music, broadcasting and acting.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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