BANDAGE : Come and talk with the members

The band BANDAGE is announced to appear on the “PLAY M” BUBBLE app.

The band’s agency announced it, BANDAGE will soon appear next to Victon, Apink and Weeekly on the “PLAY M” BUBBLE app ! This app, quite similar to POCKET DOLLS, allows fans to pay a membership to talk with their favourite idol, with formulas starting from around 4 euros a month for a member to about twenty euros for the group. This app makes it possible for idols to communicate in an easier way with fans and create a priviledged relationship with them, by exchanging texts and share new excluive content troughout the day.

Not only you will be able to learn more about the band’s daily life, but you will also be able to share yours with them through pictures or written texts with the help of an automatic translator included in the app. Even the language barrier can not stop you from talking with your favourite members !

The BUBBLE app is also used by many other agencies such as FNC or JYP Entertainment. This app is also available on all kind of phones.

Talking back about BANDAGE, come talk with CHANSOL, KYOUNGYOON, HYUNBIN and HYEONGBIN starting from February 3rd ! Don’t hesitatie to try this new experience and share your days with your bias !

Journalist : Solenne
Translator: Solenne

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