Thursday, September 28, 2023

ONEUS: The start of the American tour

ONEUS, the representative performer of the fourth generation, has lit the green light for a successful US tour, starting with a performance in New York.


ONEUS (Ravn, Seo Ho, Lee Do, Keon Hee, Hwan Woong and Xion) held the 2022 ONEUS Tour “BLOOD MOON” in New York and Wilkesbury on February 12-13 (local time) and met fans around the world .

ONEUS’ tour of the Americas takes place approximately two years and three months after “FLY WITH US” in November 2019. ONEUS presented a variety of attractions through a well-curated setlist and stage composition as it met global fans after a long time.

ONEUS, which has built an unparalleled worldview since its debut, garnered enthusiastic responses from fans by showcasing music and performances from the six members, starting with its first song “Vallyrie” and the last song “ Luna”.

ONEUS also proved its extraordinary love for fans by performing English versions of existing songs for fans around the world and performing special stages reinterpreting songs by foreign artists.

In particular, ONEUS added meaning by singing songs based on Korean traditional music in costumes that contain Korean style and beauty, such as “Lit” and “Luna.”

ONEUS, who successfully completed the first start of the US tour, said:

“We started the American tour. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the To Moon (name of the fans) from New York, we were able to release all our energy.”

adding, “As the first performance ended successfully, we will create happy and unforgettable memories with To Moon in future performances. We ask for your continued interest and love.

ONEUS will continue its ONEUS TOUR “BLOOD MOON” 2022 in a total of 14 cities, in the USA.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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