DRIPPIN: On Universe for new entertainment

The DRIPPIN group will enter the Entertainment Academy to become a true entertainment idol.

On February 16, UNIVERSE, a global fan platform, released a new variety “렛츠高! 드리핀 (Let’s go DRIPPIN)” featuring the group DRIPPIN via the app. It released a video teaser for “Let’s go DRIPPIN” featuring DRIPPIN.

The released video teaser features DRIPPIN, an entertainment “chick” who has entered the Entertainment Academy. DRIPPIN announced that they will work hard on various missions and games to become entertainment idols, amplifying curiosity through laughter.

In particular, DRIPPIN is expected to show a variety of appearances, from tense missions to physical competitions, as well as the release of a slapstick comedy. As a result, special attention is paid to the charm of DRIPPIN, which will be seriously destabilized through this show.

Let’s go DRIPPIN” is a full-fledged entertainment growth project with DRIPPIN, an entertainment content produced by the UNIVERSE app that features DRIPPIN challenging various games. DRIPPIN is expected to communicate more closely with fans around the world with a friendly and relaxed offstage appearance.

Meanwhile, “Let’s go DRIPPIN” will be released every Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. KST on the UNIVERSE app starting with its first release on February 23rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Universe

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