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STRAY KIDS: SKY- HI unveils a track with the 3racha

On February 21, Japanese rapper SKY-HI unveiled his music video and therefore the surprise he had in store for STAY, fans of the STRAY KIDS group. Indeed, the 30-year-old rapper has been able to showcase the talent of 3Racha as a lyricist. As a reminder, the members of this sub-unit are: BANGCHAN, group leader, CHANGBIN, main rapper and HAN secondary rapper.

The title was teased on February 15 with a tweet that was as simple as it was mysterious to most fans. Following this tweet, six days later, the Japanese rapper announced the date of February 21 and a title, “Just breathe“: the group’s official Japanese page, in turn, quickly teased this unprecedented collaboration. SKY-HI had never worked with an artist from the Korean industry before, so this was a way for him to make himself known and for STRAY KIDS to show a facet still unknown on Japanese and international territory. On the day of its release, the song reached #3 on the Itunes Song Chart Worldwilde.

The song has accumulated more than 760,000 views in four days, the STAY have given good feedback on the song and for good reason, the deep meaning of the lyrics. The theme of the song is the point of view of a person seeing his life go by at high speed with the impression of not being able to achieve his goal. He is stuck in decision-making that takes his breath away and is taken by the fear of no longer being able to look at his reflection. Getting there, but… At what cost? The boys again outdid themselves to write a title different from what they could offer in the group’s albums.

The song will not stop in its tracks and we wish it to break records so that it can stay in the hearts of many fans and non-fans of the group. Note, the group will also be back on stage on March 18 with its mini-album “ODDINARY”.

Journalist: Camille
Translator: Shawn

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