SHINEE: KEY tested positive for COVID 19

On March 2, SHINEE member KEY made an announcement on Bubble to explain to his fans, SHAWOLS, that he had tested positive for COVID-19. The agency also made a quick statement to explain the situation before the media did not pick up the news.


SM ENTERTAINMENT explained in its statement that KEY felt a little weak and made the decision to do a self-test which turned out to be positive. He then cheCked with a PCR test and the announcement was made. The singer will therefore be self-confined and will have to pause all his activities such as his show, “I LIVE ALONE” from tvN or AMAZING SATURDAY from MBC. It should be noted that KIBUM, of his real name, greatly reassured the fans by saying that his symptoms were not very bad, but that he was still taking a treatment that the doctor prescribed for him. What bothered him the most was having to stay home for a while. Also, he was already vaccinated with his two doses so he could get back on his feet relatively quickly.

We obviously wish KEY an excellent recovery to see him again as soon as possible on the set of his shows that he is able to make hilarious

Journalist: Camille
Transaltor: Shawn

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