BTS: TINYTAN help the environment

An ecological collaboration featuring the TINYTAN characters, each representing a member of the BTS group, has been unveiled.

Mobile app developer SEEKRTECH has announced that TINYTAN characters will be introduced in the developer’s “Forest” app.

This application aims to improve the productivity and concentration of users. The aim is to allow the development of a virtual tree, to do this, users can set a timer between 10 and 180 minutes and each time the phone is used during the timer, the user’s tree will dry out.

With this collaboration, it will be possible to cultivate the birth flowers of the TINYTAN characters.

On the occasion of this announcement, the CEO of SEEKRTECH said “We hope the TINYTAN will help users to concentrate”.

The application also allows you to earn virtual coins that can be spent to plant a tree and help reforestation, SEEKRTECH has already donated more than a million trees. A great gesture for the environment!

Journalist: Omérine
Translator: Shawn
Source: Seekrtech

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