KIM SEJEONG: Positive test, postponement of the fan meeting

KIM SEJEONG forced to postpone her fan meeting due to a positive test.


Its artist KIM SEJEONG tested positive for COVID-19 after a PCR test on March 22.

KIM SEJEONG recently tested positive in a rapid antigen test performed as a preventative response, and after further PCR tests were performed and confirmed positivity.

KIM SEJEONG has completed the second injection of the COVID-19 vaccination and completed filming for SBS’s “In-house Face-to-face.”

Currently, KIM SEJEONG has committed to self-care and recovery by suspending all schedules as directed by quarantine authorities.

As a result, the “Sejeong’s World Diary” fan meeting, which was supposed to be held on March 26, was inevitably changed.

We ask for your understanding, to all the fans who waited for the fan meeting, and we will do our best for the health and safety of the artists. We would like to express our apologies for causing concern to so many people.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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