AARON: He launches his own podcast show with JOEL

AARON, former member of the group NU’EST, launches into podcasts with JOEL, also known as JAY when he was part of the group BTL.

AARON and JOEL, known to be good friends, will launch together in a new show called “KOREAN COWBOYS” which will be presented in the form of podcasts in English. The show will start on March 25, 2022 at 8 p.m.

An Instagram account (@koreancowboyspodcast) and a YouTube channel (KOREAN COWBOYS) have been created. The name of this show could be explained by the nationality of the two members, who are both Korean-Americans.

A clip from one of the podcasts was posted on Instagram on March 24 on the show’s Instagram account, which gives us some clues about the content of it. Indeed, JOEL asks, “What can they anticipate from a podcast like ours?”, to which AARON replies, “I think they can expect more honest conversations and I think we can be more open with who we are and what we think about certain topics. Our viewers and listeners can expect us to be more truthful, compared to us being on TV shows and radio shows.”

The show KOREAN COWBOYS, hosted by AARON and JOEL will start on March 25, 2022 and should speak about different themes related to the experience of the two members in the entertainment industry in Korea.


Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie



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