JACKSON WANG : Time travelling with his new single “Blow”

JACKSON WANG is back with his new single “Blow“.

Returning with “Blow“, JACKSON WANG is taking us to travel in time with a new sound mixing alternative rock and baroque pop, and a music video reminding us of the universe of “Bridgerton“.

Blow” shows JACKSON WANG in a new register, far from the rap of “Papillon” , the pop of “LMLY” and the funk of his late album “LOST & FOUND“. This time, the pop-rock sound shows off his tessitura with an ascent from his deep and husky voice to his head voice.

The MV of this new single offers a visual in the theme of the England of the 19th Century, with the Romantic interior decor, the dim lights and the stylised costumes of the actors. The stage direction is rythmic and choreographed and evokes the work of a musical.

This song seems to be the initiation of his upcoming album and art project : along with the hints he has been leaving here and there on social media, the MV ends with “MAGIC MAN”, right before the credits of TEAM WANG records. Although only few details have been released, this new project promises to be one of his major works as his album might be released with physical copies.

In the meantime, let’s dive into the Romantic unvierse of “Blow“, that you can find on all streaming platforms here.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Source: SNS Jackson Wang

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