It is on this first of April that the show BRAVE DETECTIVE is inaugurated. As the title suggests, we solve criminal puzzles, following people on hidden cameras.


These puzzles are mostly about thefts and scams, and the presenters are there to help victims find a solution to their problems. Thus, SONG EUNI, AHN JUNGHWAN, LEE YIKYUNG and KWON ILYONG will be at your service, a team made up of actors, comedians and a professional profiler. The latter even doing a demonstration of taekwondo, where they break wooden tablets to predict the success of the show.

After each presenter introduces themselves, a video is played showing the people supporting the show, a large majority being licensed police and detectives. According to KWON ILYONG, LEE YIKHYUNG is someone who will not give up easily because his goal is to help people, SONG EUNI has the soul of a leader and is charismatic and AHN JUNGHWAN will not hesitate to pick up a riddle from the beginning, or go to the scene of the “crime” to help solve it.

LEE YIKHYUNG then tells an anecdote, when he felt like a detective one day. As he was returning home, he saw a crowd of vehicles and people, as well as a person running away. Approaching the scene, he learns that the person who fled had deliberately hit someone in the car, and immediately chased after him before managing to intercept him and hand him over to the police.

He then received thanks from the authorities for his help, and he felt very proud to have fulfilled his duty as a citizen. Then, AHN JUNGHWAN reveals that as a child, he dreamed of becoming a policeman, and that as a result, he is very happy to participate in this show. SONG EUNI, in her case, never wanted to be a policeman, but rather a detective, to observe events while remaining hidden. Finally, KWON ILYONG affirms that if he were to be born again, he would be a profiler again because he considers that this profession suits him perfectly.


Before closing the live presentation of the show, the presenters put on gloves and cut out an inauguration banner. Celebration music is also played, then the MCs deliver an ending message, saying that the show is worth watching, and that they will do their best to help the people. For those interested, you can tune in to BRAVE DETECTIVE every Friday at 8:50 p.m. KST on E CHANNEL.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn

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