LEE HOWON: A new agency, more acting

Actor LEE HOWON has signed an exclusive contract with Initial Entertainment.


On April 1, Initial Entertainment said:

“Actor LEE HOWON and Initial Entertainment are making a fresh start together. LEE HOWON is an avid actor who is building his own solid filmography based on his stable acting skills in each of the works. We will spare no full support to LEE HOWON to carry out his desired activities in various fields.”

The agency then said, “We ask for high expectations and generous support for LEE HOWON, who will continue to show more diverse performances as an actor.

LEE HOWON challenged himself to act through the tvN drama “Reply 1997” which aired in 2012 and received great love from the audience for his delicately portraying the role of Kang Joon Hee in the work. From there, he established his position as an actor by appearing in a number of films such as the dramas “Mask”,Super family 2017”, “Radiant office”, “Two cops”, “Devilish charm” and “Hip Hop King – Nasnagil“.

In addition, LEE HOWON has proven his worth as an actor with various performances on screen and on stage as well as in theater, including in the movie “Hiya”, the musical “Sandglass” and “Swag age” In particular, he is set to play the role of Won Ryu Hwan, the main character in the musical “은밀하게 위대하게: THE LAST (Secretly Great: THE LAST)”, as well as the release of the movie “Birth”, which discusses father Kim Dae Gun’s biography, raising expectations for his future pursuits.

Attention is focused on how actor LEE HOWON and Initial Entertainment, who will present various activities with the new agency, will create synergy.

Initial Entertainment, where LEE HOWON signed an exclusive contract, includes actors Kwon So-hyun, Kim Kang-min, Kim Dong-ho, Kim Hong-kyung, Ryu Seung-moo, Park Jung-woo, Sung Yu – ri, Lee Sun-bin, Lee Soo-in, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Ju-yeon, Lim Soo-hyung, Han Sang-jin and Heo Nam-joon.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Initial Entertainment

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