PARK SANG NAM: The actor updates himself

Actor PARK SANG NAM has unveiled new profile photos with deeper sensibility and atmosphere.


PARK SANG NAM‘s agency Ascendio released a new photoshoot to update the profile shots on April 7, showcasing the actor’s warm visuals and sultry vibe. In the published photos, PARK SANG NAM attracts attention by capturing a variety of romantic moods and chic charms with his lines and eyes filled with emotions.

First of all, PARK SANG NAM asserts a natural and stylish charm by combining jeans with a light pink knit cardigan that is full of spring energy. The dark black background, which is contrary to the color of the suit, not only highlights the man’s fair and transparent skin, but also adds the image of a “patterned man” with light features and a soft smile as if watching a pure cartoon, attracting admiration.


The following photo shows the urban and sophisticated charm of PARK SANG NAM. Elegantly showing off an all-black style with a sleek leather jacket, he stares at the camera with lyrical eyes, creating a sultry vibe like a scene in a movie. Even in various photos of the same outfit, different looks and emotions emerge, making viewers fall in love with his charm.

From the start of filming, PARK SANG NAM carried out various concepts with stunning concentration and immersion, and not only meticulously monitored each shot, but also exchanged opinions with staff frequently, enhancing the completeness of the picture at the point where all the boards were perfect. Moreover, it is said that he not only brightened up the atmosphere on the photo set with pleasant and wholesome energy, but also led to a warm atmosphere with consideration for every staff member.

PARK SANG NAM is an actor recognized for his visual qualities and his acting skills both on stage, notably in the dramas “Age of youth“, “You are my spring“, “Rookie cops“, “Military prosecutor doberman“. PARK SANG NAM, who has captivated fans with his impeccable appearance that drives excitement as well as his wide range of acting qualities, was recently praised for his growing talents through a transformation in his daring character cast shown in “Military prosecutor doberman“.


Attention is focused on the future performance of PARK SANG NAM, which announces stronger activities by releasing new profile pictures illustrated with various charms.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Ascendio

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