ATEEZ : SAN shares his day in his vlog with us

SAN introduces his fans to one of his days in the United States.

After SEONGHWAMINGIJONGHOYEOSANG, YUNHO and HONGJOONG, it’s SAN‘s turn to show us his daily life during the American tour « THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END ».

SAN starts his vlog in his hotel room, just after waking up. He lets us know he has a dance class that day with the famous choreographer Sienna Lalau. She is known for her K-Pop choreographies, including the choreography to BTS‘ « ON » music. HONGJOONG had also taken a dance lesson with Sienna during his personal vlog, posted last Monday.

SAN returns to the hotel after his dance class to relax, but he finally decides to go to the hotel’s gym to exercise. SAN then tells us that he wants to do a lot of things to occupy himself, but he thinks that there is not much to do except listen to music, watch videos or even play video games on his laptop. The ATINYs (name of the fandom) already know that SAN is a homebody and prefers to spend his days at home rather than spending them outside, which is the reason why, according to him, he has trouble keeping busy.

SAN also tells us about his pace of life during the tour. ATEEZ usually don’t have a lot of free time to exercise beside concerts. He prefers to exercise when the opportunity arises.

Finally, SAN gives us a tasting of donuts in his hotel room, accompanied by WOOYOUNG, after his workout session. He also recommends to fans who would like to go to the United States to taste these donuts. He ends his vlog in the bathroom because WOOYOUNG fell asleep on his bed and couldn’t wake him up.

We will be able to find WOOYOUNG‘s vlog next Monday at 6:00 PM (KST) on the official ATEEZ YouTube channel.

Journalist: Myriem
Source: ATEEZ YouTube Channel

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