4MEN: For their new title, the group is still intensely emotional

Always emotion with intensity.

MAJOR9 Entertainment releases a teaser for the release of the new title of the group 4MEN, named “Melo drama”.

The three members of the group HAEUN, YOSEP and HANBIN bring us into the flower garden of a house with the vegetation being reborn and developing again.

The powerful voices of the 3 singers are put forward immediately to immediately impose the mastery and excellence of its singers. The lyrics speak to us of love and even if it is only a short extract, the intensity of it touches us deeply:

“I love you so much, love you, love you I only love you, although it’s too late
Don’t, Don’t do it, Don’t go Let’s love again Let’s love again, two of us”

The group 4MEN will be back with their new title “Melo drama” on April 27.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube MAJOR9

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