GOT7: Dazzling comeback with “Nanana”

It’s official, GOT7 are back and unveil the title “Nanana“.

The South Korean K-pop group GOT7 is making their first comeback on May 23, 2022 since the end of their respective contracts.  After a year with just solo activities from members, GOT7 are back for an EP titled “GOT7” consisting of six tracks.

For their long-awaited return, the boys unveiled on their official Youtube channel the title track “Nanana“, the EP’s flagship song, accompanied by a music video highlighting the seven members in a colorful nature universe.


Lots of shape montages shed light on the GOT7 world.  A small nod to the fandom of the group, the iGOT7 or Aghases which means baby bird in Korean with the sight of several birds in the music video like a peacock appearing next to MARK or a pretty budgie perched on the shoulder of JAY B.

A blooming world in the clouds depicting GOT7 in singular colorful outfits then monochromatic during the group choreography.

Nanana” is for GOT7 the symbol of a message for iGOT7 of a promise of return and thanks for the presence, the support and the confidence of the fandom towards the group.

« I have got a message message » GOT7

« Nanana » by GOT7 English lyrics

Smiling members, who take pleasure and live through their music.  A valuable gift for iGOT7.

GOT7 are back more dazzling than ever.

Journalist: Kass
Sources: SNS GOT7

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