LIGHTSUM: A performance between juniors and seniors

LIGHTSUM and BTOB’s Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA) performed together.

On “Music Core,” which aired on MBC on June 11, LIGHTSUM took the stage with their new song “Alive.”

On the show, LIGHTSUM performed a fresh and exciting scene from “Alive,” and at the end of the scene, BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk, a senior member of the same agency, appeared.

In particular, Lee Min Hyuk showed his warm chemistry between senior and junior by perfectly performing the important choreography of LIGHTSUM.

The title track “Alive” is an impressive song that melts the process of the achromatic world moving from intro to intense sound in the honest and charming way of LIGHTSUM.

The first mini album “INTO THE LIGHT” released on the 24th of last month topped the charts in 10 regions in the iTunes Top Album category at the time of its release. Additionally, the title track “Alive” heralded a successful comeback by entering the top of the national music chart, and the music video surpassed 20.87 million views, showing a steady increase.

LIGHTSUM is active in music broadcasting with their new song “Alive”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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