ENHYPEN: A date, a teaser product

ENHYPEN, a “global rising star in K-pop,” has unveiled its new album promotion schedule and will begin a full-fledged countdown.

ENHYPEN posted a promotion schedule for their third mini album “MANIFESTO: DAY 1” on their official SNS at 6 p.m. KST on June 14. On the torn paper, the name of the album and the schedule for promoting its contents are written.

In particular, the calendar has stickers written “DON’T JUDGE ME“, as well as the letters “D”, “J” and “M”, adding to the curiosity about the meaning.

Starting with concept spoilers on June 16, ENHYPEN will successively release three concept moodboards, concept photos, concept movie teasers, and main episodes.

From the 27th to the day before the album’s release, the comeback week will be filled with a variety of teaser content, such as a track list, album preview, and two music video teasers.

ENHYPEN released a lyric video of the 2022 logo trailer and new song “Walk the line” at midnight on June 14.

With the comeback after about six months, keywords such as “#MANIFESTO_DAY1” and “ENHYPEN MANIFESTO” were trending in real time on Twitter globally as soon as ENHYPEN’s new album “MANIFESTO: DAY 1” was released.

ENHYPEN, who achieved “millions of sales” with his first full album “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” released in October last year and which appeared on the US Billboard’s “Billboard 200” main album chart for three consecutive weeks with his first full album “DIMENSION: ANSWER“, is expected to amplify the global trend.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn

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