DKB: US tour thrills local fans

The DKB group is actively communicating with fans around the world with their schedule for their US tour.

DKB, which began its tour in New York on the 10th (local time), shows global growth with comprehensive performances and stage manners that fascinate local fans during the “DKB MEET & LIVE U.S. TOUR 2022” in Chicago and Atlanta June 12 and 14.

They showed their powerful performing skills through their debut song “Sorry mama“, as well as “All in“, “Still”,Work hard” and “Sober”, and they garnered enthusiastic responses by providing a stage special to local fans.

Additionally, he continues to actively communicate with domestic and global fans by delivering thoughts on the end of the performance via V LIVE after each performance.

DKB, which attracted Chicago and Atlanta fans after New York, is set to perform in Denver and Los Angeles, and will continue to work hard with local fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brave Entertainment

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