BENJI : Back with the song « Epiphany »

BENJI is back with « Epiphany », his new solo title track as an independent artist.

After his contract with GH Entertainment got terminated in October 2020, BENJI started his solo career. He left South Korea to move to Los Angeles where he is busy working on music, mainly as a producer and composer.

He did several collaborations with different artists on various music projects related to K-pop or not. For example, he composed the music for « Lemonade », a track included in NCT 127’s album untitled « STICKER », with ROCKMAN.

He also released various songs on his Youtube channel such as « Going On » and « Another Level High », even though they are not available for the time being.

The artist seems like he wants to make a fresh start with « Epiphany » released on June 18th.

It’s a really personal song inviting the listeners to stop, take time for themselves, and think about things being worth living for or things that would allow them to live a happy life.

Do we have to run to have a life as perfect as the others or should we take the time to live and look for the best way to live a happy life for ourselves? BENJI made his choice.

As for the MV, it was produced by HAAHS, another artist who works a lot with BENJI. The video starts with footage of the singer’s childhood until he became an idol in South Korea. Then most of the MV is filmed in the streets of Los Angeles at night. We can also see BENJI producing music in his studio. The shots are taken from afar with BENJI from the back or from the side giving a feeling of isolation, but it’s like the isolation makes possible reflection, introspection, and creativity.

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Instagram: @baebenji92
Youtube: Benji Bae

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: SNS Benji

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