OMEGA X: New record for the group

The OMEGA X group broke its own record by exceeding 100,000 copies sold.

According to Hanteo Chart, a national record-selling website, on June 22, OMEGA X set a record 109,018 initial sales (from June 15 to June 21) with its first full-length album “낙서(樂서): Story Written in Music” released on June 15.

OMEGA X, which recorded 80,000 initial album sales with its second mini album “LOVE ME LIKE” in January, surpassed 100,000 initial album sales with its first full album “낙서(樂서): Story Written in Music“, which contains various genres of music.

The worldwide response for OMEGA X, which is achieving remarkable results by posting growth with each album release, is unusual.

In particular, fans around the world are enthusiastic about the perfect performance of OMEGA X, which changed 180 degrees with a refreshing concept in this album, as well as the colorful charm of 11 members.

OMEGA X, which successfully completed its first week of activities, continued to sail, participate in music shows and entertainment programs, as well as top iTunes album charts in India, Norway and in Israel, becoming “global idols” for domestic and foreign K-pop fans.

OMEGA X, which sets a new record every week, will visit fans through broadcast and various content in the future.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn

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